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Founded in 1999.  Fifteen years as an independent consultant advising companies with big ambitions.

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Open for business!

Probably we met already or someone we both know recommended me.  Linked in:

Up to speed?  I work for blue chips like Philips or Sony, and for exciting start-ups like Cypak and Zensys.  I have a track record in building global leadership positions with new technology for the home and healthcare. - clients with vision and ambition, large and small.  I also like reorganisation and restructuring challenges.

I am not scary and always interested to discuss. These days I am semi-retired and mostly pursuing hobbies and pro-bono work in the local area, but retain the freedom to range!


New business ideas with new technology are developed on a thin foundation of facts.  There is a lot of belief, vision, and technical competence, but how and why and when will it become a commercial success?  My involvement often begins with validation of the business idea.  It generally includes engagement with the major players who might become our strategic partners, or our competitors.  It always involves analysis and research.  And it means suspending disbelief, thinking with you about making it happen.


Making things happen is team work.  Many people in different companies working in partnership turn a great idea into a great success.  The same is true for cross-functional teams cooperating in a  corporate environment.

My contribution is to identify the partnerships and people who matter and will make the alliances work. Building trust and belief in a new value proposition is where I make a difference.  I have practical experience on board level, as a CEO, and  over 20 years experience in top management teams that have changed our world.


Whether building a new organisation or hands-on winning new customers, chairing a standards committee, or presenting to opinion formers - I make a difference.

Making things happen requires people like me who are prepared to pitch in and get involved with whatever needs doing.

Focussing an organisation needs experience in change management.  I help reform ambitions, recruit new people, and generate a motivated team for future success.


* As Chair, led the international program to standardise Near Field Communications for consumer health applications within Continua Health Alliance on behalf of Sony.

* As CEO, prepared Philips nano venture in Air Quality monitoring for exit.

* As Chair and Strategist, set IEEE/ISO standard for medication monitoring on behalf of Cypak.

* As Strategic Marketing VP, helped Zensys establish global leadership in home control (domotica).

* Redesigned go-to-market approach for Philips Components and Semiconductors - involving several thousand sales and marketing personnel, dozens of businesses,  and billions in revenue.  Led strategy for mobile communications, automotive, and consumer electronics.

* As Executive VP, led the Philips component businesses for Optical Storage.  Over several years we reshaped the organisation and the business completely.  I was responsible for establish world leadership with new technologies like Recordable CD and DVD,

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