Consultancy founded in 1999 and disbanded in 2017: retired but not retiring.

Saying Hello!

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My CV is still up on  Linked in so I guess I am not entirely in another world yet.  Perhaps we met when I was building business for blue chips like Philips and Sony, or for start-ups with giant dreams like Cypak and Zensys.  Hopefully we succeeded to build a global leadership position, and if not - well we likely had some fun and learned a lot ...

My energies these days go towards community activities, and my five grandchildren.  I spend time with the Village Council (Dorpsraad), on various historical and archaeological projects, protecting wild birds and doing my bit for the environment, taking photos, golf (hcp 21), walking, and meeting new people.  

I always enjoy hearing from old friends so please do get in touch ...


New business with new technology is often developed with a thin foundation of facts and lots of belief.  Plenty of vision and technical excellence, but how and why and when will it become a commercial success?  My involvement begins with validating the business idea, including engagement with the major players in the market.  It always involves analysis and research.  And it generally means suspending disbelief until we are all convinced that we can make things happen....


Making things happen is team work.  It takes many people in different companies working in partnership to turn a great idea into a great success.  The same is true for cross-functional teams cooperating in a  corporate environment, an agricultural cooperative, or a Village Council.


Knowing what needs doing is often more important than doing it!  This is where I have gained the most job satisfaction in recent years - helping the next generation make things happen!

But you know me - doing things myself is one of the reasons I got hired.

And now?

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