Archaeologists believe, based on sound geological data, that some of the bluestones at Stonehenge were quarried here in a remote Pembrokeshire valley. The place is called Rhos-y-felin. You won't find it easily on a map but it is located near Brynberian, a few miles up river from Newport, and about a mile from the famous neolithic dolmen of Pentre Ifan. The distance to Stonehenge is over 200 kilometres and the bluestones at Stonehenge weigh 3-4 tons each. For neolithic people to have transported these stones is a wondrous feat. The wheel was not in use in Britain and there were no roads. The tools they used were of stone and bone - metal would not be used for several hundred years yet.

One man has been waging a lonely campaign to prove that people did NOT do it. Brian John is a retired geomorphologist who is entirely convinced that glaciers were responsible, despite the establishment belief that glaciers did not reach Wiltshire where Stonehenge is located. Brian's Stonehenge blog follows progress closely and publicly.  Many write books and tell tales.

Fascinating stories. William Blake said that anything that can be imagined is an image of the truth. Particularly fascinating is why the Stonehenge people thought these stones so special that they gave them pride of place in their glorious monument.
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