Vessem is a rural community in the south of the Netherlands in the province of North Brabant. We are close to the border with Belgium and 10 miles east of Eindhoven, the closest big city. Most of us live in the village of Vessem, but several smaller communities in the wider landscape consider themselves to be part of Vessem too. In the summer our population doubles as holidaymakers arrive to enjoy the campings, the many walks, and a perfect environment for cycling. The surrounding countryside is varied, with lakes, woods, a small but determined river, and farmland.

The galleries below capture part of my Vessem experience and you may also like to look at Fransje's site and some unofficial history and enjoy her photos. I am starting to describe the history of Vessem in my own words too.

People have been living in the wider Vessem area for tens of thousands of years. There are stone tools left by the palaeolithic and mesolithic hunter gatherers, neolithic and bronze age barrows, and urnfields from the early iron age. The river De Kleine Beerze is one of only two in this region to have found its way through the sand ridges formed after the last ice age and thus attracted early peoples moving up and down the river valley. Farming was done in Roman times and to the present day.

Vessem has always been far from central authorities and, with no precious resources beyond the efforts of its own people, has built a strong community spirit reflected today by the Gildes, the Carnaval, Trekkertrek, and many other events.

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